Ab was amazing. She listened to exactly what issues I’ve been having pain wise with my pregnancy and addressed them all. I can’t wait to go back

Ally B. – West Allis, WI


Finding a massage therapist that understands the body, muscle groups, how they work, move and are all tied in together is pretty difficult. Finding someone that understands all that and can interpret what the body wants and needs as well as understanding the patient’s wants and needs is like finding a bobby pin in a mile high 10 mile wide hay stack. Ab is that bobby pin. I’ve tried other massage therapist and even went to one of those chain locations only to be let down. Ab knew what I needed and put together a plan to accomplish it. I will become a regular of her’s from here on out. Thanks Ab

Anthony O. – Pewaukee, WI


Thank you for your work. The back pain I had for sometime now is gone. You took it away! Still no pain this morning! Extremely happy with your work.

Nancy M. – Grafton, WI


I would like to give a brief testimony on the massage I received from Ab Yang. What a wonderful person very pleasant, she enjoys her work she gives the best massage ever. In the beginning my muscles were so tight she worked them to perfection and what a major relief it has been. After my first massage I was so relaxed from it that I slept through the entire night best sleep I’ve had in years. Thank God and on my next massage I received from Ab she could even feel how the tightness of my muscles had been reduced she does a marvelous job and I recommend her to everyone. Yes, I would want her to be my massage therapist. Very soothing, relaxing, resting, painless, relieves stress I could go on forever. Thank you Ab for a wonderful job my new therapist you are!

Patricia H. – Racine, WI


Thank you so much for the gift of total relaxation and peace!

Kathy C. – West Allis, WI


I have been a client of Ab Yang for about 7 months now the professionalism and treatment I receive every time is outstanding. I am in the line of construction work and have muscle aches on a daily basis. Every time I leave with having a massage service the pains and aches are immediately gone. Ab Yang not only provides me with relief from muscle pain but leaves me with education on how to take care of my muscles in between the weeks of my next visit. I will be a continued client of Ab Yang and recommend the services to anyone looking for a professional and welcoming environment & looking for relief in body pain.

Nick K. – Burlington, WI

The vibe and atmosphere was quiet and calming exactly how I like it. Ab explained each step to me without being too talkative, my body was so relaxed on the lovely heated table, her extractions were detailed, she puts her heart and soul into it and you can feel as she is massaging you, she addressed points of stress and works through knots to alleviate any pain or tightness or kinks, she also allows you to enjoy the experience by evenly applying deep pressure and all my discomfort was immediately gone. I have gotten massages from a number of therapists, my favorite is Ab, and she seems to have a gift for getting knotted muscles to relax. If you want serious pampering and massages I would highly recommend Ab, she is very knowledgeable and capable.

Angie V. – Madison, WI


Ab Yang is amazing… She put things in perspective for me as she went from one area to another… She helped with every area of my body… I could walk and bend with much more ease… I left the office knowing that I was very blessed to have picked Ab as a massage therapist…

Suzanne D. – Racine, WI


This was my first time ever having a massage done. She made sure the pressure on me was comfortable and adjusted it to my liking. The brief conversations we had made it a personable experience and made it seem like she really wanted to get to know her clients. The aftermath of the massage made me feel super light and energetic, like I was able to run a marathon. Ab knows what she is doing and enjoys what she does. I will definately go back to see her when I get a chance.

Youa V. – Milwaukee, WI


I have been a Massage Therapist since 2001. Since then, I have had many massages, and without a doubt, Abbie is the best Massage Therapist that I have received massage from! She is very skilled at knowing what she is feeling and how to treat each area with the utmost care. I have gotten such tremendous relief from chronic headaches from an old and more recent car accident because of Abbie’s incredible work. I am so grateful for the Healing that my body has gone through as a result of Abbie’s care and attention. Thank you, Abbie, I am eternally grateful for your sevices; I am so blessed by your gifted hands!

Erica C. – Milwaukee, WI


Abbi went above and beyond in her massage. She interviewed me and was committed to making me as pain-free as possible. She was able to rid me of several knots, and I felt much better leaving and the next day. I booked another appointment with her in a month. Thank you!

Christi K. – Milwaukee, WI

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